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Hello Summer Time!

Sunshine & blue sky are finally here! Wohhhoooo....

"There are shortcuts to happiness, and dancing Kizomba is one of them..."




Two Hours Kiz $10

Sunday 5 March 5-7 pm

Special Open Class

$10 (excluded from packages) at Tarrant Dance Studio

Let's celebrate the end of the term! Back by popular demand, 2 Hours Kiz is on this Sunday.

***No combinations class this week*** It's an open level class where we combine all levels, there will be a lot of dance, dance and dance :-)


Kiz On Beach $5

Sat 11 March 4-8pm

Intro Class Included! Below Maranui Life Surf Club, Lyall Bay Been wanting to get a taste of Kiz? Why not try the intro class. 4 - 4.45 Intro Class, open for everyone 5 - 8pm Eat, dance, drink, repeat! There is indoor area, no drama if it rains. Bring a plate and your own drinks.


Kizomba New Term $10

Sunday 12 March 6-7pm

Term is now 8 weeks!

at Tarrant Dance Studio

So you’ve been wanting to learn Kizomba and wonder when the new term starts. This is it!!

Buy Special Packages and save $40!


Top of South Latin Festival

Nelson 29 April 2017

We've been invited to teach special workshops so...

Keep an eye, details coming soon!

Nelson has a friendly community with an awesome dance scene.

Recommend this one if you want to experience dance outside Wellington :-)


Kiz Workshop

Christchurch 7 May 2017

Details coming soon and save the date for now :-)


Porto & Lisboa, Portugal

15 July - 3 August 2017

We'll be learning from top teachers and dance every-single-night with the locals!

Nadege, Pierre, Katie, Maxim, Lucy & Aswin might be joining us so let us know if you're keen :-)


Special Packages


Many people took advantage of the packages for Term 1, so don’t miss out on this term’s packages:

Some benefits of for you:

-Use your credit card to collect rewards (eg: Air Points, cash back)

-No more carrying cash to Kizomba

-Save a lot of money & time!

-Get you committed to the term & fully immersed in the whole experience

Kizomba term is 8 weeks. Packages are for Term 2 (12 March - 30 April 2017).




Semba, Kizomba and Tarraxinha Workshops with Tamás Nagy (Hungary) and Liz Golden (Australia). Great & fun classes!


Kizomba on Beach, simply one of the best days in Wellington!


Dancing Kizomba by Oriental Beach, under the moon, in the sky.... Amazing!


Kiz Workshop in Christchurch


Latest video from us, hope you enjoy it and see you this Sunday!! :-)

Lots and lots and lots of love,

Wimmy & Bari

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