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Special Classes & Flashmob Going Viral

Hi all! Just came back from Byron Bay Australia and we miss home dearly!

There is no Foundation Class tomorrow, but.... If you want to learn more of the Kizomba Dance Tree, we have these special classes below:

Sunday 13 Nov 6-7pm: Semba by Tamás $10

Sunday 20 Nov 6-7pm: Tarraxinha by Bari & Wimmy $10

Sunday 27 Nov 6-7pm: Afro House by Tamás $10

These are perfect for Improver Students or those who have just finished Foundation Term. Highly recommend to stay after Improvers Class! :-) All classes are at Tarrant Dance Studio, 125 Cuba St, Wellington.


Semba by Tamás

Sunday 13 Nov 6-7pm $10

Semba is the parent dance of Kizomba. It is also very playful, incorporating comedic expressions and mimed grabs for an escaping partner. See below video of how it looks like.


Tarraxinha by Bari & Wimmy

Sunday 20 Nov 6-7pm $10

Tarraxinha has very little in the way of steps and is focused on isolations and two bodies moving as one. The music often has little melody and a much heavier-hitting beat than kizomba.

This class is perfect for ladies who want to be more confident in their body movement & for guys who want to lead bunda movements confidently.


Afro House by Tamás

Sunday 27 Nov 6-7pm $10

Afro-House blends traditional forms with the high-energy, improvised movements that emphasize fast footwork and fun moves.

This class is perfect for those who want to learn more of an African Style body movement and getting fit with the Aerobic style dance.




Kizomba Flashmob Going Viral on Facebook

This is not at all expected, however... Kizomba Flasmob video went successfully viral on Facebook with over 10,000 views, 200 likes and 40 times shares.

Great team work! The concept worked as planned and.. People in public started to know more about Kizomba. See video below.

Long Weekend Birthday Party

Also some pictures from Long Weekend Birthday Party, people were dancing so much we needed to extend the party from 12am to 1am! Loved the spirit!!

See you all in the class on Sunday 13th November and social on Monday 14th November :-)

Wimmy & Bari

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