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The Art of Following in Kizomba

This article is quoted directly from: Sometimes I feel inclined to speak on things I’ve seen in my time as a Kizomba student and as an instructor with Kizomba Harmony. Last time, I spoke on humility and perspective in the Kizomba scene. If you haven’t read it, look in my Notes for “In the Land of the Blind, the One-Eyed Man is King (or Instructor)”, I think it’s worth a read. This time, I feel the need to speak on another issue plaguing the Kizomba/Semba community, both in the US and abroad: the lack of respect for follows and the art of following. This p

What To Look For In A Great Kizomba Instructor

This article is quoted directly from: As I mentioned in Part 1, dance ability is important, but dance ability does not always equate to teaching ability. In fact, there are many excellent dancers/performers whose teaching ability doesn’t compare at all. So the next thing to look for in an instructor is… wait for it… teaching ability! TEACHING ABILITY Now how can you tell who is a great teacher? I’m glad you asked! One of the most straightforward ways to start research is to ask around about who is a great teacher. Doing this may get you some decent information. However, much of this information will be second-hand, and can ofte

10 Ways To Become More Creative & Musical in Kizomba

This article is quoted directly from: Kizomba is a dance with immense freedom. I would argue that kizomba is an aesthetic more than a syllabus of steps. It is closely partnered and very grounded, in the way of African dances. Motion is continuous and controlled, except as punctuated with staccato movement for effect. Of course, there are basic steps at the core of the dance to which we always return. Yet at any given moment we are free to step in any direction, and to modify our movement in a number of ways. I’d like to share 10 ideas that you can use to become more musical and creative in your kizomba dan

How Aware Are You With Your Own Balance?

This post is quoted directly from: My previous post about balance focused on stillness and your own balance. This one focuses about balance in the partnership while you are dancing with your partner. While dancing, leads and follows are each responsible for their own balance in the dance. To truly connect with your partner while dancing, one must also start to develop an awareness of your partner's balance as well. This second level of balance awareness can take dancing to the new heights. The added awareness allows you the space to express yourself as you dance in unison with another person whether yo

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