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Workshop Door Sales - Closed

How exciting! Only one more week to Wellington Kizomba Workshop! Unfortunately we won't be able to accept door sales for workshops as we're pretty packed! Thanks again everyone who have booked the tickets. Please read below for all details. >>> Ladies Styling Class and parties are still open for door sale <<< Invite Your Friends to Salsa Fiesta! This is going to be epic! There will be 2 party rooms (Kizomba & Salsa). Do invite your salsa friends to Salsa Fiesta so that they don't miss out!! Click on this link and invite your salsa friends to this event. Read Workshop Details If you’ve bought a full pass, please read the Workshop Details and make sure you have all the pre-requisites required

Invite Male Friend & Get $10 Dança Voucher

Convince your male friend to learn Kizomba with us and we'll give you $10 Dança Voucher if they complete the whole Foundation Term. If you have a male friend who you know would love Kizomba, convince them! We need more Kizomba Leaders. Simply send them to Foundation Class this Sunday 6-7pm at Tarrant Dance Studio and we'll take care of the rest :-) If they stay for the whole Foundation Term, we'll give you $10 Dança Voucher which can be used for social, workshop or classes. KIZOMBA NEW TERM Sundays 3 April - 1 May 2016 at Tarrant Dance Studio 4-5pm Combinations Class $10 5-6pm Improvers Class $10 6-7pm Foundations Class $10 Thursdays 7 April - 5 May 2016 at Hotel Bristol Level 2 7-8pm Improv

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