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Welcome to Dança Kizomba Term 2016!

A very warm welcome to everyone who have just joined Kizomba Classes in Wellington. We are excited to see so many new faces in the classes and we wish you a very happy journey of Kizomba Dance. Since 2014, we’ve seen so many people improved so much and take the skills to dance socially with anyone around the world. Kizomba Classes in Wellington Kizomba Classes from 24 January until 14 February 2016 will be held at the studio on top of Glassons Store, 80 Cuba Street. Take the stairs from VK's Comedy Bar on Dixon Street and the entrance door is on your right hand side. Kizomba Social Nights in Wellington Kizomba Social nights happen every Monday 8.30 - 10.30 pm on level 2, Hotel Bristol, 131 C

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