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Code Of Conduct

At Dança, we strive to create a fun, friendly, and safe environment for everyone to socialise and dance together.


By attending classes and events run by Dança Wellington, it is understood that you agree to the following:



  • Be kind. Treat others kindly and respectfully in your interactions both on and off the dance floor. No inappropriate, aggressive, or disrespectful behaviour is tolerated. 

  • Show respect and care for class and event equipment and facilities. Tidy up after yourself and take care not to cause damage. Don’t handle any equipment you haven’t been asked to touch. 

  • Water only in the studio. Bring a water bottle to class, but keep other drinks and snacks to the common areas of the studio.

  • Take care with your personal belongings. You are responsible for any items you bring to classes or events. Theft is not tolerated.

  • Save filming for the end of class. Please keep phones and cameras away until the demo at the end of class.

  • Maintain good personal hygiene. Brush your teeth, put on some deodorant, and wear clean clothes when you are coming to any of our classes or events.

  • It’s OK to say no. Anybody can say no to any dance at any time for any reason - or no reason at all. It’s also OK to stop and leave a dance at any time.

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  • Keep it Kizomba. Lifts and dips are very different to other styles such as Salsa and Bachata. Keep your dance moves Kizomba for everyone’s safety.

  • Social moves only on the social dance floor. Flashy moves in performances and dance demos by professional dancers are impressive to see, but keep them off the dance floor for the safety of yourself, your dance partner, and the people around you.

  • Sexual harassment is not tolerated. We expect everyone to behave in a friendly and appropriate manner, and not to make others feel uncomfortable. Keep your hands and body movement to what is appropriate and required for the dance.

If you need to raise anything with the team, please talk to one of the instructors. We will take your privacy seriously when addressing any concerns or issues.

Dança will address code of conduct violations on a case-by-case basis. You may be warned, or if the offense is serious in nature we may ask you to leave immediately or not to return to future classes and events.

If you are asked not to return due to your behaviour, we will not offer refunds for any unredeemed credit.


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