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Instructor & Co-Founder

When Wimmy found Kizomba in 2014 (or maybe it found her), she experienced serenity on the dance floor which allowed her to begin the long journey of self-discovery. Since then Kizomba has become her inspiration and her best friend.


She is very passionate when it comes to teaching connection through Kizomba and believes everyone can dance. She finds teaching Kizomba to be very rewarding, as she gets to give back to the community and explains the leading & following techniques very thoroughly.


Instructor & Co-Founder

Bari has been dancing since 2000 with experience in ballroom styles, capoeira, breakdancing, gymnastics and latin styles such as Cuban Salsa and Bachata. Bari has taken a focus on Kizomba & Salsa.


After many years teaching some complex movements in break dancing, capoeira and gymnastic, Bari has a real talent in explaining the body movements in a variety.  Even if you think you have two left feet you'll come out loving Kizomba.

Teaching Methodology

Kizomba Duo

Between Wimmy & Bari, there is chemistry, connection and skills. Not only are they passionate instructors, they also infuse the classes with great techniques and practical explanations.

Wimmy & Bari are the founder of Dança in Wellington, where hundreds of people have never done Kizomba before have become recognised Kizomba dancers.

They have been dancing and working as a team since 2013, in their class you will walk away with a great understanding of true partnership in Kizomba.

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Kizomba Backgrounds

Learned from some of the best teachers

One of Wimmy & Bari's commitment in Kizomba is never stop learning and to learn more in order to give back.

They've spent their time in Portugal to learn from some of the best Kizomba experts.

They've done Kizomba Teachers Training in Porto, Portugal, where they've mastered their teaching techniques, Kizomba methodology and foundations. 

Instructors they've learned from include:

  • Mestre Petchu & Vanessa, Lisbon, Portugal

  • Paula & Ricardo. Afro Latin Connection, Porto, Portugal

  • Bruno & Catalina. Afro Latin Connection, Porto, Portugal

  • Miguel & Susana, Lisbon, Portugal

  • Eddy Vents (born Guinea-Bissau), Oregon USA.

  • Isabelle & Felicien, France

  • Paulo and Lana, Angola

  • Fabricio & Josy, Angola. Living in France.

  • Others also include Albir Rojas, Kristofer Mencak, Anais Millon, Enah & Carolina, Curtis & Carola and Nelson Campos to name a few.

Workshops Taught

Here are the places they have taught at

  • 1st Blenheim SBK Back to the Roots Festival October 2020

  • 4th Christchurch Workshops, September 2020

  • 3rd Christchurch Workshops, March 2020

  • 3rd Spring Weekend Festival, November 2019

  • 2nd Christchurch Workshop, September 2019

  • 2nd Hanmer Spring Festival, July 2019

  • 3rd NZ Salsa Congress, Wellington, June 2019

  • 4th Blenheim Bootcamp, April 2019

  • Awake Festival, Perth Australia, March 2019

  • 1st Christchurch Workshop, February 2019

  • Judges - NZ Latin Championships, December 2018

  • 2nd Spring Weekend Wellington, November 2018

  • Judges - Australasian Kiz Championships, November 2018

  • 2nd Bay Salsa Festival, Tauranga, October 2018

  • Australian Kizomba Festival, Melbourne, October 2018

  • 3rd Blenheim Bootcamp, September 2018

  • 2nd Blenheim Bootcamp, June 2018

  • 2nd NZ Salsa Congress, June 2018

  • 1st Blenheim Bootcamp, April 2018

  • 1st Summer Weekend Kristofer Mencák, NZ, Feb 2018

  • 1st Bay Salsa Festival, Rotorua, October 2017

  • 1st New Zealand Salsa Congress, June 2017

  • Top of South Latin Festival, Nelson, April 2017

  • Christchurch Kiz Me More, January 2017

  • 2nd Nelson Workshop, December 2016

  • Sydney Kizz It Out, December 2016

  • 1st Nelson Workshop, September 2016

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