Christmas & Upcoming Events

December 18, 2016



Merry Christmas from Kiz Family in Wellington, New Zealand



THANK YOU for those who have participated at the last Christmas Party, everyone was looking hot in red and more than 20 people made it until the very end of the night, love your enthusiasm!!! :-D






Kizz It Out, Sydney 

3 December 2016


Ten of us went to Sydney to attend 5 workshops and Kizomba Party, we enjoyed the classes and learned something new from different teachers. 


The party lasted until 3 am which is something we're inspired to do, if it takes 

10,000 steps a day to keep fit, dancing all night long is the BEST way to go! :-D




Nelson Kizomba Workshop & Crazy Christmas Party

10 December 2016


It was our second time in Nelson and they threw another AMAZING party! Nelson have such a friendly community, we feel very welcomed, which reminds us of being home in Wellington Kizomba Family :-)


Loved the crazy dress code and the idea of people bringing their own glasses which reduces a lot of rubbish.