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Super Summer Series!

With summer's approaching, things just get more exciting! No plans during this christmas break? Don't worry, we'll create them for you! :-)

If you want to go to the event, click the link on each section and mark "going" so that Facebook Events can remind you.

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Saturday 22 Oct 2016, 11am - 12pm

If you're not part of the team, come anyway to support us! We've found a great spot aroud Water Front area and will be dancing for a wee bit afterwards.

If it rains on Saturday:

Sunday 23 Oct 2016, 11am - 12pm

Likely at Sunday Market area

Bring your camera and capture the faces of pedestrians who are surprised by what happens.


22 October 2016, 9-12am

Another long weekend, and... Dança's turning to 2 years old. So... Let's have another party!!

We've had so many good feedbacks about the new venue at Full Swing Studio so we decided to come back there.

A mix of Salsa, Bachata & Kizomba will be played through out the night. Tamás will also be showing us all Afro House to get your heart & adrenaline pumped up! Take a sneak peak of Afro House below


Sundays, 13 - 27 November 2016

13th Nov 6-7pm Semba by Tamas

20th Nov 6-7pm Tarraxinha by Dança

27th Nov 6-7pm Afro House by Tamas

As you all know, October is be our Last Kizomba Foundation Term of 2016. But.. We have a surprise for you!

For those who are curious, keen, excited and want to learn more of the Kizomba Tree dance culture, we have these special classes with the same price $10


3rd December 2016, all-day-long

I would say... This one will be one of the best 1 day Kizomba Workshops out there. Most definitely great dancers, teachers, and UNBEATABLE PRICE!

- Bari & Wimmy (NZ)

- Christopher (FR) & Amanda

- Tamas (HU) - Andy (AU) - Armand & Liz (AU) Program: 10.00 - 16.30 Classes 21.30 - LATE: Salsa & Kizomba Party! Tickets: all day classes (pre-purchased): $60 all day classes (at the door): $80 single class: $25


Nelson Kizomba Workshop

10th December 2016, all-day-long

Not only Kizomba, there will also be Cuban Salsa Workshop for a good 1,5 hours!!

Bari & I will be teaching & showing you the great fundamentals of Cuban Salsa leading & following (been to so many festivals it's not even taught!)

More detailed schedule is coming soon. But the program will be similar to previous ones.

Ask Chelsea, Tim, Nadege or Michael if you want to know how it went last time.


12th December 2016

After all those purchases in Hotel Bristol, we get to reap all the rewards, yiipppiiiieeeee!!

Hotel Bristol

8.30 - 10.30 pm $5

Some free food will be served through out the night.

Come dress up in red, we'll make the dance floor as red as possible!




500 Likes Party

Turned out everyone loved the new venue at Full Swing Studio. Having couch and extra space is definitely great!! Doesn't everyone look great when dancing?

Loved these pictures below xx

See you all on the dance floor! :-)

Wimmy & Bari

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