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500 Likes Party, Flashmob & Dança Voucher

Hello everyone!

It's so great to see sunnier days.. (well, obviously not today) But that means.... More dancing outdoor is coming!! Watch out your Facebook Events and Upcoming Newsletter. Because it's weather dependant, we do send invitations at the last minutes :-)


500 Likes Party - Saturday 24 Sept 2016

Where: Full Swing Studio, 80 Cuba St (above Glassons), Wellington

When: 9pm - 12am

Price: $10 you can bring your favourite drink

Dinner: 7-9pm Little Penang

Dança's just got 500 Likes on Facebook (it was 600 when we checked) so it's a great excuse to celebrate and party! We'll celebrate with Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba.

We've booked 10 seats for dinner at Little Penang (7-9pm) before the party, let us know if you're keen to join for dinner.


Dança Voucher Available For Purchase

Christmas and New Year is fast approaching, thinking of what to get to your friends and family? Or thinking of a friend you've always wanted to invite? We've got some Dança vouchers!

Greetings & dollar value are customisable.


Kizomba New Term - Sunday 2nd Oct 2016

Foundations: 6-7pm

Improvers: 5-6pm

Tarrant Dance Studio, $10 cash

This is when the new term starts so if you have any friends you'd like to invite, click the button below.


Kizomba Flashmob - Saturday 22 Oct 2016

Practices: Thursdays on 6, 13 & 20th October

Time: 8:30pm-9:30pm

Price: $5 cash

Place: Tarrant Dance Studio

Flashmob: 22nd October 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Venue: To be confirmed, likely to be around Waterfront area

If you want to practice your choreography, body movement, or simply non-stop Kizomba, these are perfect sessions for you!

We had an idea of a real flashmob (not a performance-type flashmob!).The coreography itself will be a short one and we'll loop them for several times.

These are our last sessions before we're going to Byron Bay for 2 weeks.

There are 16 interests so far, the more the better!!


Fashion Brazil Leggings Samples

Next Monday 26th September 2016, Michelle is coming to our social to bring some samples of Fashion Brazil leggings. I have been wearing some of the leggings and absolutely love it. Great material, and not like other leggings, they hold my bunda very well!!

Come around Next Monday if you want to try the samples.




Monday Kizomba Social

Thanks again for all who came for the past 2 Mondays. It's so great to see so many practice, enjoy and have fun during Monday Socials.

Don't forget to quote "578" when you purchase anything for the bar, the points will go towards our loyalty tab.


Spring Salsa at Waterfront

We were soooo lucky it was 15 degrees without any single cloud! Thanks for all who came and bringing some picnic food. Next time we'll have our Spring Salsa don't forget your picnic mat, sunglasses and sunblock!


Kizomba Workshop in Nelson

We had such a great weekend in Nelson, thank you Tim, Chelsea, Nadege and Michael who have joined us there. The workshop went well and received huge amount of great feedback about the dance, classes & socials.

Hints for the next trip: We're going to Sydney on Saturday the 3rd of December 2016 for a full day Kizomba Workshop. There will be 5 Kizomba Teachers all in 1 day. More details coming soon!

Best to check your flights from now if you'd like to do Kizomba Workshop in Sydney :-)


Last but not least, here is a workshop video we've got from Nelson. Hope you enjoy it :-) xx

See you all on the dance floor!! :-)

Wimmy & Bari

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