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Kizomba Music & Dine Session

Join us for 2 sessions of Music & Dine: Learn more about the music while having dinner together before social (Hotel Bristol has got 2 4 1 mains) When: Mondays 27 June & 4 July Time: 7.30pm - 8.30pm Price: $10 including social ( each session ) Where: Hotel Bristol, 131 Cuba St, Wellington What: Music lessons & dine together The aim of these sessions is to give you insight into how the music has been changed and continues to evolve today. It’s a beautiful journey which can help you understand what’s behind the steps. It will help you improve your dance and enhance your current overall knowledge. Topics we'll cover: -Kizomba around the world and the roots such as Cape Verde, Angola & Mozambique. -Influences (past and today). -Rhythms, instruments, hints and tips on how to recognize them. -How to dance and adapt with the music… and more. This will be an opportunity to learn how to make more memorable experience on the dance floor. These sessions will enlighten you with patterns and adaptations of different kind of musical genres. You will have your compass and let me help you navigate. Everyone is very welcome! Bring Pen & Paper, Order 2 for 1 at Hotel Bristol and enjoy the topic by Tamas. What if I don't want to eat? That's completely fine too! :-) Looking forward to seeing you there.

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