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Kizomba Competition | It's All About Fun!

Get yourself ready for a fun competition to pick Wellington's Best Kizomba Social Dancers. You'll be the participants as well as your own judge.

Not only knowing who the best dancer is, we'll give you your scores anonymously, $50 Hotel Bristol Vouchers are up for grab for the top leader & top follower.

Have you ever wondered how well you lead & follow? This is a great chance to get direct feedback from participants. Don't be shy, give it a try! :-)


When: Monday 13 June 2016 8pm - 9pm

Place: Hotel Bristol

Price: Free

Prize: $50 Hotel Bristol Voucher each (winners: one leader & one follower)

How does the judging go?

Each leader will dance with a follower, everyone gets rotated and gets to score the people they danced with. After 3 rounds, the top 2 couples will battle it out for the final prize.

The scores will be given directly to each participants (anonymously), which means... You'll get to know how well you dance so far!

What are the 3 rounds?

Round 1. Understanding

Enjoy the simple things in life.

Foundational movements only: Walk, Side Basic, Virgula

Round 2. The RIGHT connection

Kizomba is a sensual dance, so this round will be testing your connection through the body. Your left hand is not allowed (left hand will be behind your back)

Round 3. Going around in circles

Kizomba is a circular dance. Can you dance in a circle? You'll be limited to dancing in a 1.5 meter diameter circle.

Top 2 Leaders and Followers continue to final round Round 4. No Restrictions.

Judging Criteria

As Kizomba is a partnership between two people so Wimmy will be judging each couple as one with a combined score adding to the others scores as described below.

Leaders score followers on

1. Responsiveness

2. Lightness (this is in relation to following not body weight!)

3. Isolation (how little do you interupt the leader with your body movement)

Followers score leaders on

1. Leading

2. Musicality

3. Connection

Why Kizomba Competition?

A little bit of competition is always fun! Also, who doesn't want to be THE BEST?

Once you get the scores and feedback, it's a lot easier to focus on what you need to work on to improve your Kizomba.

Can I watch if I'm not participating?

Absolutely yes!

How do I register?


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