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New Kizomba Dance Classes Term 2016

2016 is coming soon! That means…. New Kizomba Term is about to start. Kizomba dance classes will be held every Sunday from 17 January to 14 February 2016. Our usual studio is under construction so classes will be held at the top of Glassons Store in the corner of Cuba and Dixon Street (entrance is from VK's Comedy Bar on Dixon Street)

Address: Level 2, 80 Cuba Street, on top of Glassons Store

Foundations Class 6-7pm $10

In this class we focus on the fundamentals of Kizomba, especially the basics of leading and following. Remember, Kizomba is the art of connection and being one with your dance partner, it is not about performing.

In this class you will learn:

• Kizomba posture and frame

• Leading for men, following for ladies

• The art of connection

• The five basic steps of Kizomba

• Playing with your basics with music

Improvers Class 5-6pm $10

This class builds on your Kizomba foundations and teaches more complex movements that will deepen your understanding of the dance and music. This will help you to learn new combinations more quickly and apply them in your social dancing.

As Improver you will also learn how to freely combine the movements learned in class and make each Kizomba a unique experience.

Combinations Class 4-5pm $10

This class is intended for those who are proficient in improvers and foundations. In this class, we will combine complex moves and lessons are taught in a fast phase.

Monday Social Kizomba Night

Social Kizomba night time is held every Monday 8.30 - 10.30 pm. with just $5 cover charge, you’ll get carried away by the beautiful connection through out the night. This is also the best time to practive what you have learned in the class.

So free up your schedule on Sundays for Kizomba Classes, learn a new skill and enjoy the beauty of connection through Kizomba!

The team from Danca Wellington are looking forward to seeing you there :-)

Dança | Home of Kizomba in Wellington

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