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Wellington Kizomba Workshop with Tamas & Niki (Hungary)

How exciting! Only one more week to Wellington Kizomba Workshop! Unfortunately we won't be able to accept door sales for workshops as we're pretty packed! Thanks again everyone who have booked the tickets. Please read below for all details.


>>> Ladies Styling Class and Parties are still open for door sales <<<


We're so excited to announce Kizomba Wellington Workshop with Tamas & Nikolett from Hungary. Since we saw them the very first time in Australia, we fell in love with them. Not only good style, they also have whole bunch of great Kizomba, Semba and Tarraxinha techniques to share with you.

Don't miss the Parties with the best Cuban Salsa, Bachata adn of course a great variety of Kizomba beats.

We are keeping the numbers between leaders and followers as even as possible, so book in early to secure your spot.

About Tamas & Nikolett


Tamas’ passion for Kizomba started in Portugal 2010 where he had a great opportunity to learn from Mestre Petchu, the first Angolan teacher who developed a methodology for teaching Kizomba which is called "Geometry of Kizomba."


After completing the intensive course in 2011, Tamas shared the core fundamentals and growing the Kizomba community in his hometown, Budapest, Hungary. Based on Petchu's teachings of West-African/Angolan culture, Tamas integrated this with his own methodology which resulted a unique Kizomba experience. 


In 2012, Niki's well-rounded dance abilities caught the attention of Kizomba Club Hungary instructors, who then invited her to be part of an exclusive group of talented improvers. As Niki's skills progressed, her drive to start teaching Kizomba began to take shape in 2014. 


Tamas & Niki now are teaching together and are committed in spreading the Spirit of Kizomba around the world.

Tamas & Niki - Kizomba Workshop in Jakarta
Tamas & Niki - Australian Kizomba Festival, Melbourne

Booking Method


Email and mention which classes you'd like to attend.


We're looking forward to seeing you there :-)


Wimmy & Bari


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