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Summer Weekend with

Kristofer Mencák

Hi Kizomba Lovers in New Zealand!!!


We're excited to announce Kristofer Mencák will be spending a weekend with us all in Wellington!!!


Macs Brewery have confirmed the venue at a Cable Room. Life Surf Club are on board for Beach Party (Massive thanks to Anna!) and Hotel Bristol for Friday and Monday parties.


 Tamás Nagy from Hungary will share his passion in Tarraxinha, Moushumi will kick off with Warm Up Workshop, also Wimmy & Bari in Kizomba.


That means... We’ll have not 8, but 9 workshops, 3 indoor parties and 1 beach party!!!

Weekend Schedule

FRIDAY 16 FEB 2018
Tarrant Dance Studio, 125 Cuba St, Wellington CBD

7:30 pm - 8:00 pm Registration

8:00 pm - 9:00 pm Kizomba (Moushumi - Open Level)

Hotel Bristol Level 2, 131 Cuba St, Wellington CBD

Mention Tab 578 or Kizomba to get discounted house wine or beers

9:00 pm - 12:00 am Kizomba Warm Up Party


Mac's Brewbar, Cable Room, 4 Taranaki St, Wellington CBD

10:30 am Registration open

11:00 am Lead & Follow (Kristofer Mencák- Open Level) 
12:00 pm Musicality (Kristofer Mencák - Open Level) 

1:00 pm - 2:30 pm Lunch Break (Bar sells food & drinks)


2:30 pm Footwork (Kristofer Mencák - Improvers)
3:30 pm Body Movements (Wimmy & Bari - Open Level)


8:00 pm Tarraxinha (Tamas Nagy - Open Level)
9:00 pm - 1:00 am Kizomba Party (Bar sells food & drinks)


SUNDAY 18 FEB 2018
Mac's Brewbar, Cable Room, 4 Taranaki St, Wellington CBD


10:30 am Registration Open

11:00 am Fusion in Social (Kristofer Mencák - Open Level)
12:00 pm Footwork (Kristofer Mencák - Improvers) 


1:00 - 2:30 pm Lunch Break


2:30 pm Connections (Kristofer Mencák - Open Level)


Maranui Life Surf Club, 7 Lyall Bay Parade, Lyall Bay 

15 minutes from Wellington CBD, Uber is $15 - $20

6:00pm - 9pm Kizomba Party (BYO food & drinks)


MONDAY 19 FEB 2018
Hotel Bristol Level 2, 131 Cuba St, Wellington CBD

Mention Tab 578 to get discounted house wine & beers


8:30 - 11pm Kizomba Social (241 food, discounted wine & beers)

Party Dresscode

Full Pass Nearly Sold Out

New Year Full Pass $175

(Starting from 1 February 2018)

Full Pass includes 9 workshops & 4 parties.

Register For Your Full Pass

Yes! The workshop is very popular and we would like to keep the numbers between followers and leaders as even as possible.

Before buying the Full Pass, please message us your name, where you live, whether you lead/follow and how long you've been dancing Kizomba for.

Single Prices

(Cash only at the door)

Workshop           $30 each

Friday Party        $10 
Saturday Party   $25
Sunday Party     $10 
Monday Party     $5 

Party Pass

About Kristofer Mencák

Kristofer Mencák is a Kizomba and Semba teacher at his own school,  Kizomba Flow in Stockholm, Sweden. He also has been teaching internationally in 5 continents, +50 countries and more than 120 cities worldwide. 


In 2013 he won the Scandinavian selection for an international competition, Africadançar, and ended up on on 7th place worldwide in the finals in Lisbon, Portugal. In 2014 he won in Scandinavia again and ended up 6th in the world finals in Milano, Italy.


Kristofer has dedicated the last 6,5 years to Kizomba and Semba. He loves the more technically difficult moves as well as playing with the music. Due to his unique ability with footwork, several national and international teachers have also started learning from him.


He started his love for dance from Salsa in Cuba, trained Capoeira in Brazil,  and visited Dominican Republic for Bachata.

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