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Special Semba Classes

Buy 4 weeks for $50 and save $10

Join this great course with Tamás Nagy where you’ll discover the essence, moves, history, and great songs of… Semba!


***Each class is 1.5 hours so you'll dive in deep, make the most of it!***


Tamás will teach and show you the basics of Semba and work all the way to more intermediate moves.


So it’s highly recommended to do the whole 4 weeks of Classes



Date:       Sundays 16 July - 6 August 2017

Time:      5pm - 6.30 pm

Place:      Tarrant Dance Studio, 125 Cuba St, Wellington CBD

Price:       $15/class cash or… $50 for all 4 classes

Level:       Open (If you're new to Semba, make sure you start from week 1)



Week 1:       Basics of Semba

Week 2:       Continuity of Basics

Week 3:       Partnerwork 1

Week 4:       Partnerwork 2


Any questions? E-mail or private message Danca Wellington

About Tamás Nagy

Tamas’ passion for Kizomba started in Lisbon, Portugal, 2010, where he first encountered and fell deeply into the dance and culture of Kizomba.  With a solid background in other styles of dance, Tamas had a pivotal opportunity to learn from Mestre Petchú, the first Angolan teacher who developed a methodology for teaching Kizomba (so called “Geometry of Kizomba”).


After completing this intense instructional course in 2011, Tamas began sharing his new found knowledge, enriching his own students with core fundamentals and growing the Kizomba community in his hometown, Budapest, Hungary.  Based on Petchú’s teachings of West-African / Angolan culture and the Geometry of Kizomba, Tamas integrated this with his own methodology of teaching Kizomba, focusing on the engagement of the audience and teaching reliable techniques that result in a unique Kizomba experience.

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