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Rent a Crowd

We all know a quite bar or restaurant is no fun and doesn't attract more or new people.  So spice up your quite days and give us a call.


  • ​Create some life at your venue where otherwise it would have been dead.

  • Millennials are drinking out less and choosing to do more activities so ad an activity to your venue

  • Some sales are better than none so easily get people in side

  • Expose you venue to some new people

  • Take control and get a gain on a day that would otherwise have been quiet.


  • ​We create a Kizomba event and advertise to our usual community that enjoying socialising and dancing together.

  • Advertising your venue

  • We can provide our own Professional Audio

  • We can provide our range of DJ's

  • Depending on the arrangement a dinner and dance event can be created for extra sales.

  • Make your venue look active and busy. Bring life to your venue.

  • We can include Kizomba, Semba and Afro house or just Kizomba if it is your preference.

  • Some simple disco lights can also be setup for extra atmosphere.


  • We will need a floor area that is not carpeted.​

  • Area should be at least 25 meter squared and cleared of chairs and tables

  • We can either provide our usual cover charge at the door for the event or the event can be made free and a fixed payment provided directly by you.

  • minimum of 3 days notice to get your quiet day turned around.

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