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Code Of Conduct

We strive to create a relaxed and safe environment for everyone to be able to socialise, enjoy music, eat, drink and dance together.  It is the perfect opportunity to chill out from a hard day at work.


For this to work we have some expectations of members of Danca Wellington.


By attending classes and events run by Danca Wellington it is understood that you agree to the following:


Respect and have fun

Respect each other & have fun.

Leaders do not abuse your role as a leader.

This includes placing your hands on your partner on areas that are not required for the dance and/or in general inappropriate areas


Put an effort to dance in a kizomba manner as this is the dance style everyone is expecting to dance.

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Health & Safety

Many people join our community for the love of kizomba.  In addition many people only dance kizomba to avoid some of the more dangerous moves found in other dance styles.  If you feel the need to dance other styles or dance moves then this can be achieved at other dance socials.  If you’re unsure how to dance kizomba we ask for you to attend classes at your local school prior to attending the socials.


Moves seen in/during performances, whether live or on video does not constitute a general acceptance of executing those moves in a social environment.

Generally teachers and performers have already consented with each other to perform those moves.  Please keep your dance moves to social moves at the social events for the safety of yourself, your partner and those around you.


Tricks and dips are very different in kizomba so avoid adding dips from other dance styles during your kizomba dance to avoid any accidents.


Danca Wellington socials, classes and events are fun and family oriented, not a pick scene.  It is a community where people can enjoy food, drink, music and dance and feel safe and free from un wanted attention. Please refrain from using the community as your pickup joint.  Instead dance, chat and get to make some new friends.

Keep It Kizomba

Many people choose to avoid the sexualised nature of other dance styles such as Sensual Bachata and Lambada Zouk.  Putting your/their hands all over your/their body maybe acceptable in other dance styles however is not welcome here.

It Is Ok To Say 'no'

It is ok for people to say no, for which ever reason or no reason at all.Don’t take it personally, be gracious and go have your own awesome time. It is also ok to say stop and leave a dance if you are feeling uncomfortable with a dance.

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