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Josselin Merrit

18 January 2023

Definitely the best place to learn how to partner dance and improve your kizomba in New Zealand. Don’t hesitate you are in good hands 😍

Sara Pena

17 February 2022

Navjot Matharu

8 October 2019

Bari and Wimmy are amazing teachers. They are both friendly, encouraging and role models for anyone learning Kizomba. A must recommend!! #TopMan #MustRecommend #5Star #Greatpeople #Greatvibe #DancaWellington

Tiago Catelam

25 December 2018

I've just finished my first Kizomba term with Dança Kizomba and I can't recommend them enough. Bari and Wimmy have such incredible and kind personalities and really know how to teach and give appropriate feedback.
From day one I felt incredibly welcomed by them and that hasn't changed a bit as the term progressed. The socials are also well organised and fun.
Something in particular I really like about their lessons is their organisation. Every week they know exactly what they are going to be teaching and the lesson progresses smoothly and in a well timed manner. You can see they prepare for each and every lesson in advance. I have had bad experiences in other dance schools where you show up every week and they don't even know what they are going to be teaching, what they have taught last week, etc showing a complete lack of professionalism, organisation and care. Thankfully I did not have these bad experiences with Dança Kizomba and I'm very pleased and grateful for that. 🙂
I can't wait to continue learning Kizomba with you guys next year! 🙂

Rikki Hoskins

3 April 2018

Wimmy and Bari are so welcoming and encouraging, and really easy to learn from. All the people at class seem open and friendly, and even though it is a close dance I feel very comfortable.

Ashish Srivastava

6 September 2017

I have learned Kizomba from Bari and Wimmy for over two years. The two best things that I like about their style of teaching are that they give extreme attention to details and focus on getting the basics right. The Kizomba class is always full of fun and keeps you engaged.
Because of their efforts we have a nice little Kizomba family in Wellington and it's growing at a good pace. So, if you haven't tried Kizomba before or if you are a Kizomba enthusiast visiting Wellington, you must come to the Sunday class and the Monday night social. I bet you won't be disappointed, rather will leave the room with a BIG SMILE on your face!!!

Aswin Swin

10 July 2017

Want to learn Kizomba in New Zealand? Danca Wellington is the absolute best spot to do this. Awesome and very passionate community. And as far as the instructors go, i couldn't have been more lucky with Bari and Wimmy. Their love for Kizomba is infectious!
Bari and Wimmy and Danca were pretty much the biggest reason i decided to come to Wellington, And after about 6 months of steadily improving my dancing skills, i can wholeheartedly say that I am extremely happy i did!

Adriana Orsoni

3 July 2017

Pamela Wong

29 November 2016

Thank you so much for all the lovely dances and the warm welcome in this awesome Kizomba family especially Bari, Wimmy and Tamas. Such a great time spent dancing and knowing most of you during our 3 days of Kizomba love! Big hugs to all of you. xx. Till next time, I'll miss every one of you. ♡

Berit Nzmo

31 August 2016

While being on the festival in Melbourne, Australia, I had the chance to dance with a lot of people. Despite of me really enjoying every dance I must admit there were not a lot of dancers out there that held the high quality and understanding of the dance and the music like you do here in Wellington.
It was interesting to see and you could classify who was dancing with what intention and who was from what city.
Kizomba, I learned is about the connection between two people and not about showing off (mostly the guy, as the woman is following). Being pushed around like a puppet when playing the most relaxing music (e.g. Magico) - NO sorry, not good enough.
Finally, I am so happy and feel so honoured for having being introduced to Kizomba here in Wellington with you Wimmy and Bari, since you teach exactly that. Not just posture and figure after figure but the BASICS and them WELL. Please keep going, teach and share your knowledge. It is certainly needed. Thank you!!! If there were 10 stars they would be the ones to deserve it.

Adele Pham

10 July 2016

Can't wait till the next term!

Lizzy Bee

17 January 2016

I have started learning Kizomba with Bari and Wimmy 9 months ago and I can only say they are fantastic instructors. They do not only teach you the leading and following technique and the basics of the dance, but they infect you with their own passion and love for Kizomba. With Danca you don't only learn the steps, but the feeling, culture and story of the dance.The atmosphere in the class is, despite the high quality of teaching, always fun, friendly and casual. Furthermore Bari and Wimmy are constantly improving their own technique, learning new moves and working on how to convey their knowledge to the students. With those two you don't only learn, you understand! All of this is what, in my opinion, makes a good teacher.
And then the Monday socials...the place where we Kizomba addicts get our fix. The music is always great, the atmosphere warm, welcoming and intimate and you can always ask anyone for a dance, especially Bari and Wimmy. The Kizomba socials actually make people look forward to it being Monday, if that's not an achievement, I don't know what is...😉
All in all I can only say that Wellington is fortunate to have such amazing, passionate and talented Kizomba teachers. Thanks for making the Kizomba scene in Wellington what it is!

Sandra Ivanov

20 December 2015

Wimmy and Bari's teaching style of Kizomba is first class. Not only is learning the dance fun, but they truly capture the story, history, and heart of Kizomba at the same time. They'll make sure you get the technique and suave moves, but you'll also walk away with the feeling and soul of the dance itself.
A professional pair, I recommend taking classes with them, if it's for recreation, or maybe you want to learn through private lessons - they can suit your needs. Plus they sure know how to organise a good social night at the studio, or out in the sun!

Paul Taylor

18 December 2022

Hazel Whitley

9 January 2021

Norma Nascimento

8 October 2019

recomendo não perder nada vcs são fantásticos todos tem que curtir e aplaudir de pé ia me esquecendo quero aprender a dançar e meu sonho

Pablo Rabocse

11 November 2018

Everyone is super friendly and welcoming, which was lovely considering I arrived as a total beginner!

Megan Powell

20 February 2018

Chrissy Frenzy

16 August 2017

Sarah May

5 July 2017

Iracema Celestino

1 February 2017

Harel Melamed

23 September 2016

I have been learning Kizomba for about 1.5 years and still learning with Bari & Wimmy from Dança Wellington. All of this happened after learning from other teachers in Auckland and Christchurch for a few months each.
I have to say - Dança is the BEST teachers in New Zealand. Why? Because they give a lot info, great tips, investing at dancers and give new movements all the time! It's never boring and they’re never fed up. Don't miss out!

Owen Paskauskas

30 August 2016

Two fantastic teachers with a lot of in-depth knowledge and so So friendly.

Karoliina Narkiniemi

21 April 2016

Nothing but big love for my Kizomba experience with Wimmy & Bari and the whole dance community.

Nkem Jeff Akpunonu

13 January 2016

So there I was, minding my own business, traveling through New Zealand and Australia all the way from Austin, Texas. My travel buddies and I chanced upon Danca-Kizomba's event on a Monday night, our last night in Wellington before continuing our road trip up to the north island. It had everything you could possibly want from a dance social in ANY continent: exquisite music, great dancers, a perfectly good bar, and Kizomba/Semba/Zouk!! For 2+ hours straight! 'Nuff said, son. Now, I've been dancing Kizomba for about two years, and I've danced in several cities abroad, but even my two non-dancer travel buddies had an awesome time that night. The ambience was so warm and friendly, everyone was smiling and happy, and we made new friends and truly felt welcomed into the kizomba community there. That singular, spontaneous experience effectively captured the essence of what we look for on our trips. It has certainly been one of the highlights of our time in New Zealand. So until we meet again on a dance floor somewhere one day, Danca-Kizomba and all our new friends in Wellington, Mauri Ora!!

Pir Cn

13 December 2015

Hello everybody! Since 1 year now, Bari and wimmy have made an amazing work to bring this beautiful and endearing dance named Kizomba in this wonderful city that is Wellington. I congrate your involvement, your beautiful and "everyday smiles" and your great way of teaching. I started Kizomba in France but I improved myself hugely with for You have an awesome state of mind, dont change anything! I just love you all guys! My god! I really miss NZ! 🙂 I dream one day dancing with you, bari and wimmy's pupils, and with wimmy for sure, in Europe. Dont be jealous Bari, i will dance with you too, honey... 😉 Anyway, just have fun, enjoy every simple thing of life because we've got just 1 certain life... Peace & Love

Fiona Mackenzie

18 June 2022

Joseph Drodroveivali

21 November 2019

Before starting kizomba I was actually suffering from severe episodes of anxiety and panic attacks. I felt dancing was helping me alleviate the symptoms but it wasn't until I tried kizomba that I noticed a BIG difference. Meditating on Monday at 7pm and then going to Danca socials at 9pm every week had a profound impact on my anxiety levels. I became hungry to keep learning and I was blessed to have the guidance of Bari and Wimmy. Every week I learnt something new and every week I noticed my anxiety getting weaker and weaker.
Its been nearly 3 years now since I started learning with Danca. I can't recall my last panic attack but I can recall meeting a lot of great people and having plenty of amazing experiences through Danca. Wellington is truly blessed to have Bari and Wimmy. Their commitment to excellence in teaching, producing great dancers and building a community is truly inspiring and I am greatful for randomly walking into a Danca social at a difficult time in my life.
No matter what you think about kizomba I always say give it go! I have seen plenty of people learn through Danca that were skeptical about kizomba and are now deeply obsessed! Its just one of those things you should give a good go. 😊

Claire Cedretto

6 January 2019

9 months since I started dancing Kizomba now, and it is a real family that Wimmy and Bari have managed to create within the Wellingtonian Community.
Their efforts and diligence,their patience, professionalism, open- mindedness, humility , kindneSs, and SO on! Make them the best teachers I have ever met.

Varshini Suresh

12 August 2018

I'm just finishing up my second day at a kizomba festival in Amsterdam right now. Despite it mostly being urban kiz and tarraxinha I've ended up having people to dance with for pretty much the entire event so far, and have had a number of more seasoned dancers tell me that I've had very good teachers. Just wanted to pass on the praise and say thank you! 😊

Natasha Miller

6 November 2017

Aswin Swin

10 July 2017

Want to learn Kizomba in New Zealand? Danca Wellington is the absolute best spot to do this. Awesome and very passionate community. And as far as the instructors go, i couldn't have been more lucky with Bari and Wimmy. Their love for Kizomba is infectious!

Bari and Wimmy and Danca were pretty much the biggest reason i decided to come to Wellington, And after about 6 months of steadily improving my dancing skills, i can wholeheartedly say that I am extremely happy i did!

James Spencer

3 July 2017

Absolutely life Saving, Bari and Wimmy are the best!!

Birgit Herrmann

13 December 2016

Wimmy and Bari are wonderful dancers and teachers alike. We always try to plan visits to Wellington to be there on a Sunday and Monday night to be able to attend classes and social dancing. Nelson was very lucky they came over twice in recent month to Share some of their knowledge and love for Kizomba with the growing Kizomba community of the top-of-the-south.Salsa Buena Nelson and their students love Bari and Wimmy, and hope there will be more visits and workshops in the future.

Jordan Olson

7 September 2016

Some of the best Teachers I've had and I've been throughout Europe and north America.

Neli Chaneva

4 August 2016

Great teachers and people! Thanks for creating the wonderful opportunity for us to learn and dance together!

Alessia Gracia

11 February 2016

I casually met them at the Byron Bay Latin Fiesta and I honestly feel like I learned more from them about Kizomba that from the actual Festival. I recommend their classes and I wish we were not so far away. Amazing couple and experienced, passionate dancers and great teachers.

Fanny Paky

12 January 2016

I’m French and it was my first time dancing in Welligton. I love Dança Kizomba, they are very kind and very good dancers!! Yesterday was a lovely night with amazing and nice people! Great time with both of them, thanks for that!

Janet Leigh

13 December 2015

When I first saw Bari and Wimmy dancing Kizomba, I was mesmorised, I could not take my eyes off them and I was thinking how can I learn this beautiful dance?
I'm delighted that I am now learning Kizomba with Bari and Wimmy as my tutors. They are wonderfully warm and welcoming people and excellent Kizomba instructors.

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