THANK YOU! For Making It A Great Weekend

May 11, 2016


Whoah! This was one of the best Kizomba Weekends. Thanks again for those who have participated. If you miss this one, we'll have another workshop on 6th June. Watch this space! =)




Kizomba New Term


Sunday: 8 May - 5 June 2016

Improvers Class 5-6pm $10

Foundations Class 6-7pm $10


Thursday: 12 May - 9 June 2016

Improvers Class 7-8pm $10

Free Social 8-9pm 


More Details



Going to Improvers from Foundations Class


If you've just finished one term of Foundations Classes, congrats!


Come along to Improvers Classes, however we do highly recommend you to do the Foundations as well to strengthen your basics.



Combinations Class


This class is intended for those who dance Kizomba regularly for over a year, as we combine complex moves in one session. The class is fairly small and taught in a fast phase, therefore it's important for you to be proficient in leading & following.


We tend to invite people privately, however if you feel like a challenge, don't be shy to ask Wimmy/Bari if you're ready for this class.



Invite Male Friend and Get $10 Dança Credit