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Invite Male Friend & Get $10 Dança Voucher

Convince your male friend to learn Kizomba with us and we'll give you $10 Dança Voucher if they complete the whole Foundation Term.

If you have a male friend who you know would love Kizomba, convince them! We need more Kizomba Leaders. Simply send them to Foundation Class this Sunday 6-7pm at Tarrant Dance Studio and we'll take care of the rest :-)

If they stay for the whole Foundation Term, we'll give you $10 Dança Voucher which can be used for social, workshop or classes.


Sundays 3 April - 1 May 2016 at Tarrant Dance Studio

4-5pm Combinations Class $10

5-6pm Improvers Class $10

6-7pm Foundations Class $10

Thursdays 7 April - 5 May 2016 at Hotel Bristol Level 2

7-8pm Improvers Class $10

8-9pm Free Class & Social


Mondays 8.30-10.30pm - $5

Tarrant Dance Studio

Brush up on your social skills, we'll share the floor with Kizomberos around New Zealand soon!

Thursdays 8-9pm - Free

Hotel Bristol Level 2

Hotel Bristol has just done up their wooden floor and it feels sooooo smooth to dance! Come on Thursdays 8pm for a quick social.


With Tamas & Nikolett from Hungary

Make the most out of them as they are one of the best teachers and dancers from Europe.

Because we have quite a long waiting list for ladies, we do need some leaders to even the numbers up.

So guys, don't be shy! Reply to this e-mail to book your spot.

Last but not least, we've created another improvisation video at one of the most beautiful spots in Wellington. Hope you enjoy it :-)

Dança | Home of Kizomba in Wellington

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