New! Kizomba Improvisation Video by Wimmy & Bari

February 17, 2016

Whoah! First term of Kizomba Classes have just finished. We’re excited to announce that the second term will start on the 21 February - 31 March 2016, and… We have new Kizomba classes on Thursdays! Scroll down for more details :-)


New Thursday Kizomba Classes


New term will start on 3 - 31 of March 2016. Thanks to Hotel Bristol.



7-8pm Beginners Class $10

8-9pm Kizomba Social, free but addictive

Level 2 Hotel Bristol, 131 Cuba Street, Wellington, New Zealand.


Invite your friends if they want to learn Kizomba but can't do it on Sundays. Registration is required as class is limited. Email or message us on Facebook.


New Term Sunday Kizomba Classes


Next term will start on 21 February - 27 March 2016.



5-6pm Improvers Class $10

6-7pm Beginners Class $10

Tarrant Dance Studio, Level 2, 125 Cuba St, Wellington, New Zealand.


Ps: If the construction at Tarrant Dance Studio has not been finished by the time this term starts, we will send you a last minute notification.


Couple of us are going to go to Rotorua Cuban Festival, therefore there won't be any classes on Sunday 6 March 2016.


Make sure you always get updates from us for anything happening around Kizomba, like Dança's facebook page and subscribe to our events.




Going to Improver Classes


For those who have just finished beginner classes, improver class is the time when you learn more complex moves, use your actual leading & following skills and connect more with the music. It's a more challenging experience but it's so much fun! :-)



If you only have done the first term of foundation classes, we do highly recommend you to do another round of foundation as well as improver classes. A lot of students have done it this way and they say they always learn something new.



Monday Kizomba Social


Now that Tarrant Dance Studio is almost done, we will be going back to where we were. The best thing about Tarrant Dance Studio is that it's 20% bigger than Hotel Bristol and we can fit it more fans :-)



Date: Starting from Monday 22 February 2016

Time: 8.30 - 10.30 pm

Price: $