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Welcome to Dança Kizomba Term 2016!

A very warm welcome to everyone who have just joined Kizomba Classes in Wellington. We are excited to see so many new faces in the classes and we wish you a very happy journey of Kizomba Dance.

Since 2014, we’ve seen so many people improved so much and take the skills to dance socially with anyone around the world.

Kizomba Classes in Wellington

Kizomba Classes from 24 January until 14 February 2016 will be held at the studio on top of Glassons Store, 80 Cuba Street. Take the stairs from VK's Comedy Bar on Dixon Street and the entrance door is on your right hand side.

Kizomba Social Nights in Wellington

Kizomba Social nights happen every Monday 8.30 - 10.30 pm on level 2, Hotel Bristol, 131 Cuba Street. The event is free and we do encourage you to purchase something from the bar as a support. Come along to practice what you've learned from the class and enjoy Kizomba Beats through out the night.

Other Dance Events in Wellington

We do organize outdoor pop up events like Summer Salsa from time to time, make sure you like Dança's Facebook Page and subscribe to our events to get the notifications.

Alternatively, you can follow us on Instagram or Twitter to get regular updates.

High Quality Dancers

Our dream is to build a sustainable Kizomba Community in Wellington with high quality social dancers. Yes, do not under-estimate social dancing as freestyle isn't that simple! It requires a lot of split-second decision-making, in both the Lead and Follow roles.

Read about Dancing Makes You Smarter here

Kizomba Lead & Follow

Whether you’re learning how to lead Kizomba Dance, or how to follow Kizomba Dance, each stage has its own unique experience. Leading can be a little tricky, but hold on there guys, all your brain-hurt will pay off itself.

And for ladies who are learning how to follow, a lot of people think following is easy, but it’s not. Women don't "follow", we interpret the signals our partners are giving us, and this requires intelligence and decision-making, which is active, and not passive.


We’ll do our best to support Kizomba Dancers in creating a more joyful and embodied life experience. Here is one advice we can tell you:

"Do take classes seriously and have fun all the way during socials"

In closing, welcome again to Kizomba Classes & Socials Term 2016 and see you all on the dance floor :-) xx

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