Kizomba Foundation Class

(Level 1)

Classes Details

New Term: 4 Jul - 22 Aug 2021

Class Time:  6.00 – 7.00 pm
Venue: Tarrant Dance Studio, Cuba St
Price:  $15 per class, cash only

Package: $100/term includes 8 socials

What is Kizomba Foundation?

In this class we focus on the fundamentals of Kizomba, especially the key elements of leading and following. You will learn the art of connection and being one with your dance partner.


Who Can Attend This Class?

This class is open for everyone, from beginners to advanced dancers. We have designed this class to teach and enhance the essential techniques of Kizomba.

What Will I Learn in This Class?
  • Kizomba posture and frame

  • Leading for men, following for ladies

  • The art of connection

  • The fundamental steps of Kizomba

  • Playing with your basics with music

In this 8 weeks course, not only you’ll learn the most foundational Kizomba steps, you’ll also learn how to lead, follow and the foundation of Kizomba body movements.

With Dança, you’ll get a lot practice time as we organise Monday Socials and special events on a regular basis.

Not only learning the dance, you’ll also join a great community.